December 31, 2007

Highlighting posts of 2007

Highlighting some of my good posts in the year '07 classified by tags...

Attitude (23)

  1. Web2.0 startups earn assets, but not ...
  2. Don't forget the subtle half
  3. Life, Education, and Society
  4. Truth alone Triumphs
  5. What can't money buy?
  6. Making of the Frankenstein

Autobiography (33)
  1. One step up
  2. Techtribe's Blogging Challenge
  3. Sony Vaio at my doorstep

India (37)
  1. Take Lead... with Unity!
  2. How to make brand India glitter?

My Labs (23)
  1. Sanskrit Voice on NDTV
  2. SAB Graduating!
  3. Launching 'Saywit'
  4. My first Sponsor

Review (9)
  1. Happy Days
  2. Chak De! India
  3. Guru - The movie for inspiration
  4. A movie for mixed emotions

Technology (17)
  1. How to quickly develop a Web application
  2. New Trends in Programming
  3. Is MD5 the God of Hash?
  4. Open Web Standards unify internet

Travel (13)
  1. Fantastic trip to India
  2. Canada Trip

Web (49)
  1. Social Networks for Entrepreneurs
  2. GTD works for me!
  3. Top 25 Web 2.0 Search Engines
  4. Revenue Models for blogs & personal sites

December 30, 2007

Heros - A superb thriller

I am usually a big fan of comedy TV series like Friends, Seinfeld, and 'That 70s Show'. Just when I was looking for a change, my friend Vinodh recommended Heros - the TV series on NBC. To understand the story better, I watched its first episode on Netflix streaming mode. I just loved it! The story, screenplay, suspense, and the cast are all very impressive.

I really loved the touch of Indian elements to the cast, and the inquisitive voice that talks about human purpose and adaptation. I also liked the characterization of the Japanese guy with his little knowledge of English, and the pretty looking cheer leader.

So far, I have watched a handful of episodes in its 1st season. With one episode each day on Netflix, I can catch the latest on TV within a month. If you've never watched it, its time you buckle up and give it a try. Don't miss a superb thriller!

December 15, 2007

Take Lead... with Unity!

The Lead India campaign by Times of India is receiving an elevated support from fellow Indians. The support from the commoners, celebrities, and bloggers for this campaign is appreciable. They not only make us proud Indians, but also inspire us to make a difference. Here are a few viral videos that promote this campaign. Truly touching...

Emphasizing the importance of unity in diversity yet again... Be it independence struggle or a daily living, Unity works! Check out this video.

The second video is the talk by Amitabji. I especially loved the words... A pulsating dynamic new India is emerging quietly while the world is not watching. An India whose faith in success is far greater than its fear in failure.

I am reminded of the 'India Shining' campaign by the BJP, though launched for complete different reasons.

December 08, 2007

Sanskrit Voice on NDTV

My non-profit effort to revive Sanskrit to the modern age has now been acknowledged by NDTV. Yesterday, NDTV profiled my website along with the viewpoints of a few people in Sanskrit Vidyapeetha. Thanks to NDTV for featuring this website, and I'm honored to be of service to the country.

You can read the full article, or watch this video on NDTV. Here is a snippet on YouTube.

Cover Story on NDTV
Video coverage on NDTV
YouTube video snippet