December 30, 2007

Heros - A superb thriller

I am usually a big fan of comedy TV series like Friends, Seinfeld, and 'That 70s Show'. Just when I was looking for a change, my friend Vinodh recommended Heros - the TV series on NBC. To understand the story better, I watched its first episode on Netflix streaming mode. I just loved it! The story, screenplay, suspense, and the cast are all very impressive.

I really loved the touch of Indian elements to the cast, and the inquisitive voice that talks about human purpose and adaptation. I also liked the characterization of the Japanese guy with his little knowledge of English, and the pretty looking cheer leader.

So far, I have watched a handful of episodes in its 1st season. With one episode each day on Netflix, I can catch the latest on TV within a month. If you've never watched it, its time you buckle up and give it a try. Don't miss a superb thriller!

1 Comment:

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