November 29, 2009

Back to home

Back to home (Chennai - India)!!!

November 02, 2009

The Glamorous Vegas

Dates: Oct 30 - Nov 1
Hotel: The Trump, The Venetian
Flight: American Airlines
Airport: McCarran Intl Airport (LAS)

We flew to Vegas from Los Angeles after sunset... and stayed at 'The Trump' for the night. The following morning, we moved to 'The Venetian' and started exploring the city! The evening was spent in watching the breathtaking 'Le Reve' show at Wynn Theater, and we finished the day with a romantic dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Wynn. The next day was more relaxing as we strolled down the Vegas Strip admiring the architectural beauty of the casinos and a lil betting...

We visited...
All major Casinos along the Strip starting from Wynn to Excalibur

Enchanting Disneyland in LA

Dates: Oct 28 - Oct 30
Hotel: Hilton Anaheim
Flight: American Airlines
Airport: Los Angeles Intl Airport (LAX)

Surprise, surprise, surprise... This trip to Los Angeles (LA) was filled with surprises to Preethi. We celebrated her birthday in style at Disneyland... She had no clue where I was taking her until she saw the road sign to 'Disneyland Resort', and I was pleased to see the excitement in her!! We leisurely spent one whole day at Disneyland, and returned home after the fireworks. After exchanging gifts, the day ended with all smiles and happy memories :) We had just enough time to stroll along Hollywood Blvd the next day before we boarded the flight to Vegas.

We visited...
Disneyland at Anaheim
Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood Sign

Just Missed... Hope to see on my next visit (Or may be not...)
Universal Studios
Rodeo Drive at Beverly hills
Venice Beach Boardwalk

September 21, 2009

Boring Montreal

Dates: Sep 19 - Sep 22
Hotel: Sheraton Laval and Delta Montreal
Flight: American Airlines
Airport: Montreal, Canada (YUL)

We found the city mostly boring... esp compared to prime US cities like Chicago. We liked the Notre-dame basil where the intricate craftsmanship of the sculptures is worth appreciation. The visit to Biodome gave us a new experience of fauna... and we loved the cuppy cakes in Vieux Montreal.

We visited...
Carrefour Mall at Laval
Montreal BioDome
Olympic Stadium Observatory
Casino de Montreal
Notre-Dame Basilica
Stroll along Saint-Laurent & Cartier
Underground City shopping

Just Missed... Hope to see on my next visit (Or may be not...)
Mount Royal
Botanical Garden

September 15, 2009

The striking Niagara falls

Dates: Sep 12 - Sep 13
Hotel: Marriott FallsView
Flight: American Airlines
Airport: Toronto, Canada (YYZ)

Preets and I loved the fallsview room at the Marriott. The changing colors of the falls after sunset was spectacular... and the view from Canadian side was just phenomenal. We loved the Maid-of-the-Mist ride, and had fun taking photos...

We visited...
Upper Rapids in Canada Niagara Falls
Maid of the Mist
Floral Clock
Glass Factory

Just Missed... Hope to see on my next visit
White Water Walk

August 31, 2009

Splendid Chicago

Dates: Aug 29 - Aug 30
Hotel: Hard Rock
Flight: American Airlines

What a beautiful city Chicago is!! We had one of the best times... starting with a cruise along the Chicago downtown river, and ending with an adventure fun on segways. Some shopping and pizzas are put in the mix to make this a very memorable weekend trip.

We liked our hotel "Hard Rock" more for its location than comfort... Residing in the most happening sweet-spot of Chicago, we did not put our rented car to much use.

We visited...
Michigan Ave (Magnificent Mile)
A very happening place... Shop, eat, and enjoy!

Architectural Cruise tour of Chicago Downtown
Structural Beauty... Jus cant miss it!

Pizza at Due's Pizzeria
Mmmm... its like a pizza I never had!

City Segway tour - The Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Grant Park, Soldier Field, Lakefront, Chicago skyline viewpoint
Luv riding the segways... Feels like skating N biking - Two in One!

Millenium Park - Cloud Gate
The iconic Bean... photo fun!

Just Missed... Hope to see on my next visit
Signature Room at Hancock Tower (Magnificent Mile)
Willis (Sears) Tower
Navy Pier - Navy Pier AeroBalloon, Transporter FX simulator, Funhouse Maze
Art Institute of Chicago

August 24, 2009

The Heart of Bay Area - San Francisco

Our Itinerary...
Hotel: The Westin at SFO Airport
Dates: Aug 22 - Aug 23, 2009
Flight: American Airlines

Our trip to San Francisco was more romantic than all our prev trips... Jus loved the chill breeze, roller-coaster styled roads, scenic views, and the company of my lovely wife :) However, we missed the 'Half Moon bay beach' and the Marin-Headlands / Muir-Woods.

We Visted...
Bay Bridge - Boring n lengthy drive
Fisherman's Warf - Stream of bay styled restaurants & shops
Pier 39 - A nice outdoor hangout place
Ripley's believe it or not - Hard to believe
Ghirardelli Square - The best Hot fudge sundae icecream
Lombard street (Crooked) - Fun driving
China Town - Time pass shopping...
Golden Gate Bridge - magnificent construction & fantabulous walking experience
My cousin's house

August 17, 2009

Roadtrip to Austin

Our Itinerary...
Hotel: DoubleTree
Dates: Aug 15 - Aug 16, 2009

We Visted...
InnerSpace Caverns
IKEA store
Hotel Oasis during Sunset
Roundrock Premium Outlets
Texas Capitol Building
Friend's house

Just Missed... To visit next time:
Educational tour at UT Austin
Nature Watch & Hiking at Mt.Bonnell
Bats at the Bridge

July 06, 2009

Impromptu trip to Atlanta

On the second long-weekend (July 4) that got on my way after marriage, I tried for tickets to SanFransisco... but no luck this time too. Quickly checking the flight scenario to Atlanta, I found one that leaves Dallas in other 45 mins. Preets and I hurried to the gate located a few yards away. I called and spoke to my co-brother who lives in Atlanta to surprise him of our arrival.

On reaching Atlanta, we reserved a room at Sheraton and got into a convertible sports car (MBushi Eclipse). It took a few mins for me to get used to the car and its comfort. We spent the rest of friday doin nothing at the hotel... and had pizza for dinner.

The fun started on the next day (Saturday - July 4) when Mahesh accompanied us for sight-seeing in Atlanta. The famous attractions including "Coca Cola Museum" and the Aquarium are located in the downtown. Its refreshing at the Coke museum, where we got to taste sodas from around the world. I loved the emphasis of Coke on the Happiness aspect of life more than anything else. Watched a 4D film, imbibed free drinks, and glanced at a few Coke commercials. Its a very nice experience... and we all enjoyed it!!

Then, we walked to the aquarium in the next block. It is supposedly the largest aquarium in USA... and it is maintained by HomeDepot. Its fantastic!!! Preets being a fan of aquatic life, loved it very much. I was equally excited by the ambience and the feel of living in the middle of the ocean :)

We finished the day with some shopping in a mall, and dinner at ChowBaby. The next day (July 5), we visited the BAPS SwamiNarayan temple - once again the largest in USA. The interiors were simply superb, and we had enough time to experience the serenity in the temple. After our lunch, we had a lovely ride to the airport in a topless car on a cloudy day. We got into the flight.. and reached dallas safely. Our impromptu trip to Atlanta turned out very good :)

Hotel - Sheraton Gateway
Dates: July 3 - July 5, 2009
Airlines: American

Places of Interest:
Coke Museum
Swami Narayan temple (BAPS)
Shopping @ mall

June 23, 2009

Trip to Washington.D.C

Our Itinerary...
Hotel: Hyatt Regency
Dates: June 20 - June 22, 2009
Flight: American Airlines

We visited...
White House
Museum of Natural History
Aero Space Museum
Capitol Hill

May 20, 2009

Timeline of Life

Check out Rise of Life at National Geographic!!

May 05, 2009

Loving my new LIFE!!!

Lost all my free time.. lazy-nap moments, and my stay-idle minutes!!! Well... thats coz I got MARRIED ;) The previously wasteful minutes are now filled with entertaining and romantic moments. No wonder I did'nt update my blog for a while... forget about uploading my wedding pics. I am loving my new post-marriage life :) Btw, its my first month!

My wedding with Preethi went on very well as planned on April 9 in Chennai (India). Thanks to all my friends, relatives and well-wishers! My wife and I had a quick temple-tour in that week.

Following that was a week-long trip to the island of Mauritius for honeymoon. This island is just superb... and a perfect destination for honeymooners!! We had a lovely weather which compliments the luxuries of a 5-star resort where we stayed. Sooo many memorable moments that we had together... the water-sport activities, stroll by the beach, drive thru the sugarcane-plantations and getting wet in the rain while holding hands...

We went back and stayed in India for my third week. On April 27, my wife and I returned to USA. She loved my appartment, the location and this country too. She's been a great wife to me... and I feel sooo lucky for having married her :)

March 13, 2009

I Love you Preetums :)

Dedicating this song to my fiancee!! I Love you Preetums :) Well... I knew I loved you even before I met you....

January 28, 2009

A special ring from a special person

Last week (Jan19 - Jan26) has been the most memorable week of my life. On Jan19, I discovered the love of my life, the one I always wanted to know ever since I was a teen. She's my mom's friend's daughter and lives just 10-min drive away from my house. Its funny how I did not get to meet her all these years.

On Jan20, I asked her out for a special dinner at a roof-top restaurant. Under the stars and a backlit blue light, I got down on my knee, proposed to her and asked her to marry me! You know wot... She said YES! It was a romantic evening and the most memorable of my life:)

The next day (Jan21), I got engaged to this lovely girl with the grace and blessing of my parents, relatives, friends and all our well-wishers. We exchanged our engagement rings in a conventional manner. Thats the moment when my status changed from "Still looking" to "Commited". Hmmm! Thinking of my new status, am happy and sad at the same time ;)

We went out together on all other days of the week and enjoyed our time in each other's company. You can find some of our photos on my orkut profile!

Also check out the countdown for my marriage :) Not many days left...

January 03, 2009

New-Gen Marriages in India

Analysis vs Instinct! Whats ur pick? For a girl in love marriage, she has to love the guy n thats all it takes to marrying him! But in arranged marriage, she usually considers the guy to be a part of the package deal (family, location, job, etc). She will go ahead with the marriage if she likes the package. A question to ask is if she will still be willing to marry him without the package deal and just for him... If so, that will be the best of both worlds:) Ofcourse, same applies for a guy too!!

Its instinct vs analysis! Love marriage is more of instinct n infatuation... while arranged one is based on analysis n prediction. Both have their plus n minus~ Luckily, the current gen in India is adopting a hybrid culture to bring out the best in both worlds - "Instinct after Analysis"...

Its similar to arranged marriage, except for the concept of platonic dating prior to engagement. Its a perfect time to break the ice, build a rapport, exchange flashbacks and build confidence in one-another. If things go good, the next step will be marriage. Otherwise, the search continues... It all sounds like an algorithm for a happy marriage :)

Couple of Love quotes I'm impressed:
You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without. - Unknown Author

If you love somebody, let them go; for if they return, they were always yours.
And if they don't, they never were. - Kahlil Gibran

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