April 08, 2008

Flash-Works with Wix

Today, I got the invite code for Wix.com, and was able to explore it in a few minutes. I was pleased with its powerful feature-set which is dead-simple to use... Now, there is no reason for most of us to learn Flash programming. Developers can use Adobe Flex for developing Flash applications, and use Wix.com to create super cool layouts on Flash. Below is my Siddhi-Labs layout that I created on Wix.com in 10 mins.

Click here for an enlarged version. FYI: The writings on the flash paper are actual hyperlinks.

April 04, 2008

Living, Loving & Finding Your Inner-ness

Today, I re-watched the movie "You, Me and Dupree", and loved it yet again. The very essence of life is just that... Living, Loving & Finding Your Inner "-ness". Many times in this blog, I mentioned that each one should truly be oneself, and not just follow the herd or mimic the society. This movie conveys this message right on spot!

The most important part of the movie is understanding your "-ness". The principle is taking your name and adding "-ness" as a suffix. For instance, Mark becomes Mark-ness! Well... The other half is to live and love life, dance with the tune of life, and enjoy every experience (be it sorrow or bliss).

In the movie, I liked the scene of Dupree's interview, where he speaks about his ideals. The movie is fun, and Kate is really cute!

Speaking of this topic in hand, here are a few quotes to remember...
"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever."
"Plan before you act, and Act before you talk."

Also check out this wonderful article that I recently came across on LifeHack.
How to Be an Expert (and Find One if You’re Not)