October 03, 2007

SAB Graduating!

Today, I'm pulling Stuff-a-Blog (SAB) out of its Beta phase, as its been more than a year since its initial launch in Sep '06. Several new features including BStir module, support for Unicode, and performance enhancements were being added in its Beta. They are all working great lately.

To mark this occasion, I'm launching a dynamic BStir widget along with a few additional display options. For those who are using an old static BStir widget, you may want to update your widget. Click here for a preview (widget in action). Its free... and you will love it!

Also, a discussion group is created for the interested ones. Here... You may ask questions, request features, or just give your feedback.


People in the Sun said...

Hi, I wanted to leave a short feedback on the new dynamic widget.

First of all, there's no way of setting the speed of articles changing, which means previous posts move to quickly and distract from reading current posts. And now, if you elect to stay with the static widget, there's less text than before (and no way of erasing "new widget available").

I know I can't complain about free stuff, but setting speed in the dynamic widget, setting number of characters, and taking out the "new widget available" text will go a long way in improving this great widget.

Anonymous said...

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