October 30, 2007

Don't forget the subtle half

I often observe the presence of a subtle half that makes a concept complete and effective. For instance, consider the following concepts and their associated subtle halves.

  • Data, and the subtler Meta-Data
  • Intelligence, and Creativity
  • Talent, and Integrity
  • Force, and Direction
The complementary subtler aspect should be given as much importance as its other half. The data becomes more useful when associated with its meta-data. Similarly, Intelligence accompanied by Creativity is a killer combination. A talented person without integrity can be harmful to the society, and so is the force which lacks direction.

On thinking like an entrepreneur, I believe we can create a great value if we can connect the subtler portion with its crux in any domain. For instance, there are schools that teach knowledge education, but not much of character education. If a new school wants to become the best in its lot, it should consider offering both kinds of education.

In many occasions, a concept can contain several such subtle aspects tagged to its main body. Not everyone will focus on all the subtleties. In order to gain perfection or to differ from the rest, focus on the hidden aspects that are long forgotten by most. Blogging for instance is such a simple concept, but was not explored until early 2000.


Saagar said...

Force is defined by Magnitude and Direction, but for simplicity is considered only with magnitude. One more thing people have to remember in entrepreneurship is the good old proverb KISS ( Keep it Simple Stupid ). The simpler your project is, the easier it is..

Anonymous said...

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