March 28, 2004


While browsing some career articles, I came across a good tale that teaches the nag of answering tough questions at the interview. I am pasting it below... check it.

"Its a tale about student and the wise old rabbi. The scene is a seminary, where an overly serious student is pressing the rabbi to answer the ultimate questions of suffering, life and death. But no matter how hard he presses, the wise old rabbi will only answer each difficult question with a question of his own.

In exasperation, the seminary student demands, "Why, rabbi, do you always answer a question with another question?" To which the rabbi responds, "And why not?". If you are ever uncomfortable with any question, asking a question in return is the greatest escape hatch ever invented. "

March 27, 2004


Y'day night, I saw the film "Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham" from my laptop. My friends were surprised to know that I was watching it for the first time. Naveen infact had asked me what was I doing when whole of India was watching the film last year. Well... it was a worthy film to watch again and again, as long as u dont get senti and tears dont run down ur cheeks on watching it. Sharukh was indeed the best... showing excellence in both humour and family senti. Soon after watching the film, I was speechless and went to sleep experiencing a lot of emotions. I felt like flying back to India to see my parents as early as possible.

March 23, 2004


I had scheduled for a mock inteview at the career center and I made my presence there at 3:00 pm today. The interview was conducted very professionally and it was very useful.. As one could expect, I did a bad job in answering a few tricky quetions and some direct ones, since it was my first interview experience. Anyway, I had learnt from my mistakes and now, I know how to answer them precisely. Let me see how I will perform in another mock interview on April 1st which will be conducted by the people from the I.T industry....

March 22, 2004


I have some good news instore. GUESS what? I got a part-time job as a 'Computer Lab Consultant' at a UNIX lab in my campus. I had finished my paper work today and shall start getting to work from April 1, 2004 onwards. I will have to work for 20 hours per week ( its19.5 hrs to be precise). Hmmm... I atlast got the much awaited job oncampus. Am now looking forward for an internship for the summer. I will have to reconsider my travel plans to India for the summer. Let me see how things work out !

March 21, 2004


India is doubtlessly shining at every field of Art. The BJP slogan "INDIA SHINING" is indeed the unspoken truth. 'Good Times' for India are slowly getting changed to 'Great Times'. With the Vajpayee government doing their best to bring amity between the 2 historic rival nations (India & Pak), peace and mutual progress signs are evidently visible. The 'Golden Quadrilateral' project to provide excellent highway roads across the country may infact be considered as the primary step towards India's progress to become a developed nation.

Adding to the list, the Indian Cricket Team is at its heights, by displaying a brilliant performance at the World Cup and at the consecutive tours.... The I.T outsourcing by several multi-national companies have enabled the Indian job market to shine like never before. I.T has started blooming in India but at the cost of the jobs at US. Never mind.... as long as India prospers.

March 12, 2004


Today, we rented a car (white Toyota Echo) to practice driving on the busy roads of Dallas before we appear for the driving test on Monday. I practiced driving for around 30 minutes today and I got the nag of left-driving in the first 2 minutes.... Initially went round the UTD campus and practiced parallel parking and lane-changing. Then, I raised my accelerator on 'Waterview Road', which is a less busier road. Driving appeared to be a lot fun here than in India. At late night, my room-mates and I sat in front of the net, looking at the score-board of India-Pak cricket match. We infact planned to drive to 'Subji Mundi', where the match is live telecasted. However, we did not risk at our chances. Today was a splendid !

March 10, 2004


The offshoring is taking place at a rapid pace by the multi-national companies in US. Well... this is a sweet news to India and China at the cost of an increase in the rate of unemployment in US. A new bill is now drafted by Socialist legislator to check the offshoring of jobs by the US companies. This bill requires the federal agencies to obtain reports on how many employees do these companies have inside and outside United States, and how much each group is being paid. The federal agency is the body in US that grants or loan guarantees to businesses.

Acc to the information sources, "here's the catch: If more U.S. workers than foreign workers received the ax, the company would be "ineligible for further assistance" until it started hiring American employees again."

This is clever tactic to slow down the offshoring activity by the government. However, the Republican leadership favors the corporate world and eventually, their policies and decisions are in favor of the company benifits. So... let us see how good the bill works out in near future.

March 09, 2004


Y'day, I along with my friends (Vijay and Sushil) got the Instructional Permit at TXDPS (Texas Department of Public Safety)... All that I need now is a driving practice for a day before I get my Texas Driving Licence. Well... I wana get this licence before the spring break gets over. Lets see how it goes...

Soon after getting the job done at TXDPS, we had our way to Walmart, where I got a memory stick for my digi-cam, skates, CD-pouch, and some food stuff. I was very happy for having got the inline-skates of my choice, which I have been searching for it since 2 weeks. I also got myself protective knee-caps and wrist/elbow bands to protect myself while learning to skate. Today morning, I tried skating on a flat surfact near my appartment, and I could get the nag of speeding up with greater balance in the first 15 minutes. But, I could not get the trick to apply brakes and slow down. May be in a day or two, I will try skating from my home to the univ... Its interesing !

March 07, 2004


I've seen it many times on television... but for the first time, I've been to an International Auto show' 2004, which was held at 'Dallas Downtown Convention Center'. The cars are spectacular to watch at. One can find the representatives of all possible Motor companies in US, company catologs, brochures, posters, and a bit of hungama... I went with Rajesh anna's family and was also accompanied by friend Sathyajit. I did not miss out on any opportunity to have my hands on the steering and relax myself on the driver's seat of the best cars.

Well... I am just waiting for my turn to purchase one of those exorbitant cars that caught my eyes at the show. Ofcourse, Ferrari was the highlighted car of the show, and they maintained their high profile status by not allowing people even to get near it (only distant photo shots were allowed). There were many models of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Maybach, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Infiniti, Porche,... I was most attracted by the one by Maybach whose cost is around 5 crore Indian Rupees. Its definitely not worth its money, but very attractive.


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March 04, 2004


REAL NETWORKS was able to make success amidst its numerous internal challenges and external hardships. Its lawsuit against Microsoft is just one of its challanges. An article about Real's timeline of activities is available here. Its very inspiring to read such success stories amidst obstacles. According to critics, Real Networks hovered in the live-streaming technology and made an inaccurate oversight by underestimating the boom in digital music downloading and file-swapping industry. But however, it has learnt from its mistakes. Now, it is acting fast to capitalize on the expected boom for wireless markets in near future. According to the pundits, the mobile video market will be worth $5 billion a year by 2008. Real Networks partnered with nearly 26 mobile operators, mobile phone makers and vendors like sprint and AT&T.