February 18, 2007

How to make brand India glitter?

Here are of my thoughts on some key factors to see brand India glittering... In short, they touch upon 6 key topics that include consumer-sectors, culture, education, social-security, politics-independent growth, and uplift masses.

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Great entrepreneurs & visionaries like Ratan Tata are the key for a self-sufficient India. Truly, his vision to see India as a self-reliant developed country requires privatization of various sectors. Thus, capable dynamic entrepreneurs can lead the development in every consumer sector. Tata's dive into consumer industries from autos and steel to software and telecom is highly appreciable. Thankfully, Ambani brothers are heading in the direction of Tata to share the face of INDIA. More such entrepreneurs should invest in the products of a layman's life.

The core of our Indian culture should be preserved at all times. The culture is the backbone to India's greatness, and will be the key to her progress in today's world too. The social concepts, family life, and traditional values of Indian culture has been proved to be among the best, and should be given utmost importance. For instance, we should never let go Religion-tolerance, unity in diversity, service to god & the poor, respect for women & elders, meditation, yoga, etc...

The educational system should be inline with our ancient gurukula system. The present education system has overemphasized the cultivation of the intellect at the cost of the general well-being of humanity. We often see a lack of morality & character among the educated privileged ones. As Swami Vivekananda recommends, we should have an all-round development of human beings. All elements of philosophy, mysticism, emotion, intellect (creativity), and knowledge should be equally present in full. That is the ideal of a perfect man. This way, we can increase the ratio of good people in the society, and thus reducing corruption, depression, etc in a natural way.

When I came to US to do my Masters, one of the first things I noticed and appreciated is the increased security force (police) to keep its people safe at all times. The police force in India is far from being decent. Corruption is like a synonym to Indian police force, from traffic constables to senior law-enforcement officers. Further, the police-population ratio in India is very poor - 1 to 728 as against western countries, for instance Russia having the ratio of 1 to 82. Hence, an increased honest police force that can really ensure people safety, and maintain law is what India needs at the moment. People should be able to go up to them, seek help, and report corruption and abuse that they witness or experience. Without this security assurance, no social reforms can be truly implemented to its full extent.

Growth independent of Politics... Hmm~ why not? Here is an article that convinced me that we should not let ideology or politics come in the way of growth. An independent body of highly talented economic experts can design the growth of India, and make 10-year / 15-year plans to transform India into a developed nation. I really don't see why politics should get involved. The distribution of funds, administration, governance and there is a whole lot of other stuff the political leaders can do (play with).

Finally, I'd like to share with you the vision of Swami Vivekananda, and quote from some of his works. Unless there is uniform circulation of national blood all over the body, the nation could not rise. A nation is advanced only to the extent that education and culture reaches the masses. The alienation of any kind from the masses of society (who are mainly poor), whether it be alienation through learning, through wealth or through force of arms shall weaken the leadership of a country (India). The uplift of women and the masses should receive the highest priority in social development.

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