February 08, 2007

Top 25 Web 2.0 Search Engines

Web-Search~ A Multi-Billion dollar idea I'm sure you've heard of Google's earning of $3.21 billion for the fourth quarter. Two days ago, I received an email stating that my mashup search-site (FundooWeb) has been selected to be one of the Top 25 Web.2.0 Search Engines listed by OEDb (Online Education Database). I'm honored, and feel privileged to get my search-mashup counted upon. Not surprisingly, this site got into Digg's front page, and currently stands at 850 diggs.

I should honestly say... its a thoughtfully composed list of web2.0 search tools that we may not be aware of. Hmmm! I know whats crossing your mind... Why bother when we have Google. Am I right? Trust me! Its lot more fun using these cool search tools than the plain interface of Google. Give each of them a try, and have fun. However, Google is definitely the answer for some serious search, but no fun.

Once again, my sincere thanks to the selectors and editors of the article for counting upon FundooWeb.


HP said...

Congrats Mate!!


Anonymous said...

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