March 17, 2010

My last Post

The first post in this blog starts off by describing my aspirations in life and the purpose of my visit to USA.

Personal goals and preferences change with time... and so does mine. After a fabulous 7-year stay in United States, this may be the perfect time for getting back to my homeland (India), and achieve my entrepreneurial dreams while staying close to family. So, here I am in Chennai - India.

March 15 is my last working day in American Airlines as a Programmer Analyst. Now, I'm marching towards creating something BIG by entering into the world of business.

This is the last post for this blog... to mark the end of my stay in USA. Now, this blog of mine can be regarded as biography of my life in United States. I will keep you all posted of my ventures in India with a whole new blog (Cognitive Insight).

Thank you all for reading my blog... and Au revoir :)

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UPDATE: My new posts are at "Cognitive Insight"