November 27, 2004


Hey... this is not yet the end of my shopping spree. I made more purchases on There were few amazing limited time deals out there. Check them out~ I got few SD cards, and few surprising gifts for my parents and sis... Shall not reveal them now ~

November 26, 2004


Yes ! It is the time for Discounts and Deals... Thanksgiving is here ! Usually, people get reminded of the turkey as Thanksgiving is appoaching. But for me, its nothing but gadgets and electronics. I spent nearly a complete day (Thanksgiving day) in browsing the sale papers. I was kinda excited about the deals... made a big list of items to be purchased on the next day. I also made a few online purchases to capitalize on the free-shipping offer.

Today is the 'Day after Thanksgiving' ! I got up early morning at around 5:30am... had some quick breakfast and rushed to nearby STAPLES store. Thanks to Pulkit (my friend) for having given me a ride in his car. We reached there 10 min before the store opened, and found a small line in front of the store... Huh ! It was freezingly cold... Here, I purchased a PDA (palm zire 31), mp3 player, SD card, and a few silly things.

Then, we visited TARGET that is just a few feet away from Staples. Few non-electronic goods such as a fleece tshirt, 3-piece-luggage-set, some food stuff and gift items were purchased here. I also bought a digital photo frame on my way back to home. However, I will soon be returning this one... its way too expensive for what it serves. I infact found a replacement for this.

As soon as I reached home, I spoke to Rajesh anna about the plans to visit BEST-BUY, COMPUSA, OFFICE-DEPOT, etc... Well~ I did not buy much from these stores though. By the way, I purchased 2 digital cameras online (2 nikon-3200, and 1 canon SD200). These cams are really cool ones... I have done survey on the camera reviews for more than 2 weeks to find the best of the lot.

November 12, 2004


Happy diwali to all... Have lotz of fun with fireworks, food, and friends ! And not to forget... a visit to the temple. Hey... Play around with the following websites~

Today was just another week day for me. I had my usual routine, except for the wake-up call by my mom (from India), and wearing a new Tshirt in the morning. I had my usual headbath, morning prayer, afternoon classes, evening job at JO lab, and my usual browsing in the night. Hmmm! NO fireworks, NO treats & NO sweets. Well... Thats okay! Its just 1 more month before I will put my foot in Chennai (India).

November 08, 2004


Today is the day for me to decide & register my courses... those which I would (should) meditate upon in my next semester (Spring 2005). All my 3 courses are telecom associated ones... Well! Its the price that I have to pay for having taken all software development courses this semester. They are all interesting anyways ~

1. Advanced Computer Networks (ACN)
2. Algorithmic Aspects of Telecomm Networks (ATN)
3. Personal Communication Systems (PCS)

The first 2 in the list are my core courses... and they are indeed interesting. The 3rd one (PCS) is my elective, and I hope to learn some latest technologies in use at today's Telecom industry. Hmmm! Expecting a decent work-load in the next semester... Lets see ~