October 30, 2006

The Good Blogs

Here is an innovative approach to get the attention of web surfers... with regard to some recently published blog posts in the net. The Good Blogs introduces an ad-supported free service that can increase a blog's readership. Marketing of blogs is certainly the most demanding feature of the hour, and TheGoodBlogs capitalizes on this need.

Goal: To create distributed communities of bloggers who actively promote each other every time readers visit their blogs and in doing so,
  • dramatically increase the number of people who read their blogs, and
  • seamlessly introduce new bloggers and fresh content to their readers.

Its a new solution to an old problem. I wonder why Technorati did not come up with such a service long time ago? Honestly, I liked this service, and it really works.

October 27, 2006

Launching 'Fundoo Web'

Today, an offshoot of my first webapp is born. I named it 'Fundoo Web' :)

'Fundoo Web' is a mashup search tool that enable users to retrieve information from several sources in a single click. Hence, the user will save time & can increase his scope without any additional effort.

It comprises of several modules floating on the webpage. Each module interacts with a specific source to query and display the search results. The Ajax interface comes in handy to refine the keywords, or get more content from any single module.

Modules currently in action are... Yahoo Web, Flickr, News, Yahoo Answers, Amazon, and Map.

Start playing with it, and hope you like it!

October 20, 2006

Celebration with lights

Wish you all a very happy Diwali ~

Relevant pics from Flickr

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Have a crackling Diwali. May this season bring you good luck & happiness!

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October 15, 2006

First Month Stats of my Webapp

Check out my webapp's visitor activity on its first month after the official launch on Sep 14, 2006. I'm glad at how its been well received by you all, and thanks for the support.

Site: Stuff a Blog

October 14, 2006

A Developer's Dream

I came across a well-written article that discusses the hidden desire in most of the software developers... Here is an excerpt that tells you what.

They all want to know how to start a company, get VC funding, sell the company, make millions and retire at a very young age.

The article also gives us an insight into what it takes to achieve this dream. It lists 3 things for you to create a software company.
  1. First, you need to be dedicated
  2. The second thing is you need to be a decent developer
  3. Finally, you need a little bit of money
I liked the explanation that was given to the first point. Give it a quick read if you have time...

October 04, 2006

Shortcut for creative ideas

Here is an interesting find... A list of techniques to encourage our mind to come up with new & fresh ideas. Not just ideas to solve, but a list of techniques to create innovative problems too. Its all about tricking the mind to use its own potential.