December 08, 2007

Sanskrit Voice on NDTV

My non-profit effort to revive Sanskrit to the modern age has now been acknowledged by NDTV. Yesterday, NDTV profiled my website along with the viewpoints of a few people in Sanskrit Vidyapeetha. Thanks to NDTV for featuring this website, and I'm honored to be of service to the country.

You can read the full article, or watch this video on NDTV. Here is a snippet on YouTube.

Cover Story on NDTV
Video coverage on NDTV
YouTube video snippet


HM said...

Congratulations Seshu!!

It seems that they discovered you at the right time, one year anniversary of Sanskrit Voice! BTW, Belated Birthday Wishes too....

Looking forward to read about more and more of your achievements!

All the best!

Seshu Karthick said...

@ HM: Thanks a lot for your wishes! I agree... the timing is just perfect. A nice way to celebrate the 1yr anniversary for SVoice. :)

I'll see you around~

Anonymous said...

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