March 27, 2007

What can't money buy?

At any point of time, the world can be measured as a combo of inventions and discoveries made so far. Both are infinite concepts that are open for exploration and is never-ending. My grandma used to say... "In our early days, we never had televisions, computers, and ipods. Yet we cherished every moment of life with joy and amusement". Now, we have a whole range of gadgets and appliances to spice up our lives. We too enjoy and cherish every moment of our lives... in a much sophisticated way though. But, the experience of joy is the same in both eons. This concludes that luxury is not a crucial factor for life's contentment.

Hmm... We work all day long trying to earn more money, so that we can raise the luxury levels of our living. But luxury alone does not contribute much to a happy living. Then, what would? Well... I don't know. I'd love if you guyz could pitch in your thoughts on this. Let me rephrase the question. What do you think plays an important role in shaping a life's experience other than money and what money (mastercard) can buy.

My best bet would be "Love from Family and friends". Then, I'd pick personal accomplishments. I know... This is a vague vague topic to be reminded of. But, its worth thinking of it at some point of our life.

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