December 18, 2006

Reservation - A political game in India

Reservation has become this decade's best foxy political game played in India, and the timing could not get any worse. The Reservation bill is passed at a time when India has to prove its quality and workmanship in the international market, as it is about to touch unreachable heights in the service industry. Getting to such higher grounds is an accomplishment... However, retaining the position by maintaining quality of service complements the previously made accomplishment. It is possible only by creating an undivided merit-rewarding society.

But the current politicians who support reservation are leading India towards a shallow slope. As this blogger (Krishna Chaitanya) has said, all the protests by the educated class are now in vain. An ideal alternative to help the SC/ST classes is at the base level by training them to be competent.

Hmmm... what a true social injustice. Its a shame that India has taken the path to create a class-based society. I still wonder how India can claim to be a true democracy when most of its learned class is against the govt policies.

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