December 02, 2006

Launch of 'Sanskrit Voice'

Today at 8:55 am, I launched a non-profit project called 'Sanskrit Voice'...

Recently, I felt the urge to create a project that serves one of the earliest of ancient languages. After working on it for a couple of weeks, 'Sanskrit Voice' is launched today to mark the occasion of my 25th birthday. Check out this article to learn why we should care about Sanskrit!

If you are wondering what this site is all about, here you go~
1. Learn Sanskrit glossary at your leisure using RSS
2. Read & Share articles or resources related to Sanskrit
3. Campaign the learning of Sanskrit

1. Learn, and spread awareness about Sanskrit
2. Create a community of Sanskrit lovers

Please support the 'campaign to spread Sanskrit' by adding a Campaign-button to your site. Lets all join hands and revive Sanskrit for the modern world.


tpraja said...

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Venkata Krishna Nalamothu said...

I am happy to see the NRI's love towards Indian culture. Please continue your good work.Be careful. This tpraja is spamming all blogs.

Bhavani Bijali said...

Hello all,
To know how 'Samskrita Bharati", a non-profit organization is working towards spreading awareness on Samskrit language please go through the following link. I have also attended "learn spoken Samskrita" weekend classes and I have also enrolled for the correspondence cources. The study material they provide is of exceptionally good qulaity with cost in range of Rs.200- Rs.500. I was amazed to see the dedication of the volunteers and the teachers.

They have a US branch also.

Ashish Mohta said...

A good way to start for Sanskrit, but not many people are going to use it.What different can be done to make it success

Anonymous said...

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