December 13, 2006

India should make ends meet

India has abundance of resources; be it money, population, or knowledge... but they are unevenly distributed. You can find illiterates & masterminds, super-rich & beggers, industrialists & unemployed ones... all living in the same society. The demand of the hour is a middle-man who can connect the extremes, and create a balanced society. Lets discuss how internet can serve as a middle man.

There are many generous people (including NRIs) willing to donate money for a good cause to India. But they are finding it hard to discover the right channel for directing their funds. There are 2 subjects of concern for the charity:

  1. Discovering a genuine organization that does the good works as they claim.
  2. A way to channelize funds (money) to that organization.
To overcome the above concerns, we can create a wiki-style directory of all organizations in the country, and classify them based on location, purpose, and size. It should include all charity organizations, history research centers, old-age homes, orphanages, etc... This is a group effort, and not a one-person job.

This wiki-style site should also empower the readers to channelize funds to a particular organization electronically. We can in-turn create a community of donors and recipients. The launch of 'Sanskrit Voice' is my first attempt to serve the Indian heritage via internet. You can expect more such experiments to come...

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