December 21, 2006

Techtribe - The way to go!

Techtribe is a social network for Tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and innovators. It is well fine-tuned for serving its tech audience to connect & develop. This site makes it easy for developers to collaborate on some idea, create a startup, or make a combined effort to develop a product.

Its so much fun to meet many techies, and discuss what can be developed on the technical front. On this site, I met several entrepreneurs and felt very motivated on learning about their ventures.

Since several weeks, I've been asking my friends to collaborate with me on a web project and lay the foundation for a startup... But none showed enough interest in entrepreneurship. When I first read about Techtribe and its mission, I knew it was god-sent for people like me. I quickly registered, and actively participated in a few tribes to appreciate the full potential of the site. I found many new friends, and met like-minded aspired youngsters with the same zest & zeal as mine. Thanks to Techtribe!


Anonymous said...

hey there! i am interested ...

- s.b.

. said...

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