December 08, 2006

Make sense of your wrist watch

When I came to US, one of the first things I observed was that not many people carry wrist-watches with them. Initially it seemed strange, but made lot more sense when I gave it a thought. Most people cling on to their cell phones always, and these are good for time-lookups. Then, why have wrist watches? Here is the answer from 'Computer World'

The only remaining reasons to wear a wristwatch are habit and status. Though obsolete, a wristwatch still conveys an old-school reliability. Businesspeople wear them for the same reason they still wear ties. and for the same reason banks still have big steel vaults even though money is now just digital information. It's iconic theater.

Well... yeah! To me, its just a habit. I also get a feel of being time-conscious, and utilizing most of my time. Just a psychological aspect of life. Being a computer professional, I seldom use my wrist-watch for time lookups. Anyways, for those who want to make more sense of their wrist watch, check out these ultra-cool gadgets in the place of your plain old wrist watch. Of course, you need a heavy wallet to own these...
Of all the above, only the first two interest me... The first one plays music, and the second one plays music & video. Thats after-all what you need (among the ones you don't need).

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