April 10, 2006

Reservation System - Limitations should apply

Check out this blog-post that precisely explains how insane it is to have a reservation system in place for IIT/IIM institutes in India. I am no IITian, but I totally agree to the views expressed in it, and hope the Indian government realizes how much harm the reservation policy could cause. I support reservation system for certain aspects..., but not for every aspect of life. IITs and IIMs are world-class institutes that India has been proud of since many years. Any compromise on the quality of their students is not a good sign both for the institutes and the country.

For any policy, limitations should be applied... and this reservation policy is no exception. The government should clearly define the suitable areas where the policy can be applied... Any policy if applied to a wrong entity will mess up the whole system. The boundaries for this reservation policy is very clear... obviously applicable only to the normal attributes of life such as basic education (schooling), non-critical jobs, etc.

Another reason why this policy can be used is to encourage the backward/minority communities to leap foward and take up the initiative. Certainly IITs and IIMs are not the place for this.

As a side effect to the reservation policy in general, I've heard of many communities appealing for "Backward" status, and hence can get an edge in every sector (engineering, medical, government jobs, ...). What a sad scenario! I could not believe its all happening under the leadership of one of the most educated prime-ministers of India (Dr.Manmohan Singh).


Balaji said...

Manmohan Singh might have nothing to do with this. Congress and its allies are run by so many goons, who belong to the so called backward castes and they try to promote their own kith and kin.

They care the hell about people or their development.

Seshu Karthick Tanveer said...

Thats exactly what I had in mind, but just did not put it in words. Dr.Singh is definetely not the person to blame completely at. Though I feel he has his share of responsibility as a leader, it is the government as a whole which is making this wrong step.

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