May 31, 2006

Raft & Rail @ Smoky Moutains

We started our road-trip on Friday evening (26th May) at 9:00 pm, after having a mild dinner at Taco Bell. We are 9 of us seated in 2 vehicles (Dodge Stratus & Crysler Pacifica). This is a trip similar to the one we had to Arkansas last summer. Many of us took turns to drive the car, and sleep in the back seat. On Saturday (27th May), we reached Knoxville, where we stayed for the day, and visited "Lost sea" cavern in the evening.

On Sunday (28th May), we had a raft & rail adventure at Smoky mountains. First, we boarded the train that drove us through the moutains' beatific spots, and to a higher altitude. We then took-up rafting on the wild waters of Nantahala river. Its a 8 mile, 2 hour guide-assisted raft trip down the river. I felt very adventurous, as it was my first time rafting experience. On reaching the valley, we got off the rafting boats, had a shower and a late-lunch buffet.

Our next stop was the near-by city named Gatlinburg, which had a few attractions to its credit. Without wasting much time, we went to a chinese restaurant for 160-variety buffet dinner, and started our way back home at 9:00 pm.

It was Monday noon (29th May) when we reached home... all tired and sleepy. The trip was overall very exciting, adventurous, and a good break from daily life. My photos are coming soon...

Update: Click here to view my trip photos.

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