May 08, 2006

Be worthy of your words

Huh! What a flirt she should be... (if this pic is genuine). I got this pic on the net, and at once burst into laughter. But, I infact pity the guy in the center. I just hate such people who are hideous, and mistrustful.

Trust is such an important aspect for any kind of relationship... be it in personal life or in business. The below is a passage borrowed from this site.

What is trust?
1. Trust means that you feel that the person is honest and will not lie, cheat or steal from you.
2. It also means that you can count on the person to do as he or she promised and that the person is reliable.
3. Finally, trust in a person means that you feel he or she can be counted on to do something important, will not shirk from duties, and will take personal pride in what he or she does.

Others will respect you more and want to continue relationships and dealing with you. Also, you will feel a sense of self-respect.

Well... Let me now jump into discussing a generic form of trust-worthiness. Are we all completely trust-worthy of our words & deeds?

Here is my say on it: Being trust-worthy is something that needs great practice. I feel it directly maps to how well we can stick to our word. It boils down to how accurate can we make a promise, state a claim, or give a piece of information. There are some people who make false promises and fictitious statements for the sake of pride, some do it with an evil intention, and some do it due to ignorance.

Most of us do not intend to make a false promise. However, we sometimes fail to keep-up to our word due to mis-judgement of our capabilities, or due to unexpected circumstances. Whom are we to blame at? Is it ourselves? ? ? I feel the answer is "YES" for most cases.

Here are some of my thoughts on it... Extensive planning and scheduling is essential in the first place. We should integrate the qualities of honesty and humbleness deep into our personality, and claim only the ones we are 100% sure of. This will ensure keeping up promises for the most part.

Considering the exceptional cases, we cannot foresee whats going to happen... But we can certainly give priorities to our tasks. For instance, lets say I assured my friend about my presence to his birthday party. But at the same time, if a business meeting appears out-of-the-blue and is a $million deal, I should still give my priority to the promise I made to a friend in the ideal world. But realistically speaking, things are different. It would further spice up things if an important event is in the place of a birthday party.

The bottom line is that its very important to live by one's own words. This gives more meaning & respect to one's life.


Ananth said...

wonderfully said ..

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