April 01, 2006

HTML - Linking within a page

Earlier, I was wondering how do I link to an article that requires scrolling down to middle of the page. The below answer is being borrowed from this site.

To link to a specific section in a page, you need to place
<A NAME="section_name"></A> tags at the beginning of the section you will be linking to (section_name = a unique name for each
section of a page).

Then to link to that section from within the same document, use the
anchor tag:
<A HREF="#section_name"> text to be linked

To link to this section from another page, add #section_name to the end of the url of the
page, i.e. http://server_name/path/filename.html#section_name.


seabird said...

this confuses me. i just don't understand how to cut and paste and highlight etc.... i wish i knew how all this works it would make life so much more enjoyable and easy for me.

when i go to a website i like and wish to post something at say a community board, many times i don't bother because i don't know how to use it properly. like say: if you write a post and instead of having everything on the front page where it might upset the site moderators you must put it inside by : more inside- well, how does one do that?

anyway, just a slight complaint in life, no big deal. just venting...

Anonymous said...

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