April 20, 2006

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar service is so cool... as you can always expect from Google. The calendar is fully ajax based, searchable and sharable. They have also released the related APIs for building several extensions and 3rd party products. One such product that I wish to see is a tool to import all the Blogger entries to the calendar. That would be a perfect way to backup my entire blog, and refer to it as a personal diary.

BTW, Its good to see many shared public calendars in the web already. I've shown interest in the following ones...

This calendar contains all of the start of Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer times for the Southern Hemisphere through the year 2020.

#2007 Cricket World Cup (West Indies)
Full Calendar of the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup including the warm up matches.

#Indian Team Cricket Schedule
Schedule of the Indian Cricket team in the near future

#Indian Holidays Calendar 2006

#US Holidays

Yet another cool feature is the "Quick Add" functionality that can parse a normal english sentence, and create a corresponding event/appointment. I also appreaciate the integration of the Calendar service with Gmail, in the form of alerts and navigation. If by any chance you did not explore this yet, please dive in immediately.

Check out this article to know what analysts have to say about Google's business plans and the Calendar service.


AJ said...

I've created the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup Calendar.


Anonymous said...

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