April 23, 2006

How blogging can improve your career

Check out this article that enumerates why blogging is essential to one's growth. Apart from all the reasons listed in the article, I also feel that it gives a sense of contentment after blogging. I feel a lot more complete on sharing my thoughts with the world. The comments to my posts encourage me and also guide me to think in the right direction.

Blogging organizes our thoughts, and induces many good ones into our minds. To write a good blog-post, we definetely require some deep thinking, have to formulate opinions, and judge what is good and bad. This in-turn sharpens our cognitive process to make decisions, and make us aware of our thought-pattern.

Sharing with the world makes a whole lot of difference than keeping stuff to ourselves. Be it informing, boasting or mourning... we feel a lot better. There is no better way to share our thoughts in a gentle manner than blogging.

Hope people realize it and start blogging sooner or later...

1 Comment:

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