March 31, 2006


For a big fan of the FRIENDS episodes like me, its so sad that the last season is over and there are no more new ones. The writers need to be lauded for the great script and humour... while the actors did not disappoint them. All six of them were excellent in their performances, making FRIENDS to be the best of all times.

I just read an article that Matt Le Blanc (Joey) is going through some hard times with a likely divorce, his child getting sick, and a possibile cancelling of 'Joey' show while it is just in its second season. I feel sad for him...

Sometimes, I dream how good it would be to have neighbours like Rachel and Monica living across my appt, and I drop by their place every now and then. Also have good friends like Joey and Chandler, and a couple others to cheer up, go places and hang-out together always. That wud be fun!

Here is some news I found on the web... Its a slightly old article though.

In stores now, Guinness World Records 2005 lists the female stars of "Friends" as the highest-paid TV actresses per episode. As of April of this year, JENNIFER ANISTON, LISA KUDROW and COURTENEY COX earned $1 million an episode by their final season of the hit "Must See TV" show.

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