June 02, 2004


Hey... let me tell you a birthday tale that resulted in more than one surprise to each of us. My friend/room-mate A.B.Vinodh flew to his sister's place on May 30th and would return home on June 1st (morning). Let me remind you that his birthday is on June 1st. So, we all (I along with my other room-mates - 5 guys) decided to give him a surprise at 12:00 midnight on May 31. We bought a Chocolate-Tuffle cake and a few candles at Walmart and had a ride to the place where Vinodh is staying. It was just 5 minutes past 12:00 at night when we called Vinodh to come down the stairs and open the main door. We placed the cake on top of the car, lighted a few candles and all of us were ready to shoot photo-snaps at Vinodh as soon as he comes. He peeped through the window and he waived his hand at us in half-sleep. It all looked like a replication of how friends celebrate b'day parties in films (especially Hindi films). Things were getting as expected till now.

Now, here is a big surprise to us... It requires Vinodh's sister to open the main door since a security code needs to be keyed in before the door is unlocked. However, Vinodh did not wish to wake up his sister / brother-in-law during late-night. Hence, all that he could do is to keep on waiving his hand from his room and through the window. Hmmm ! this is a return surprise to us when we realized that he could not come downstairs and open the main door. After waiting for a while, we decided to go home without the cake being cut by the b'day boy.

It was after 2 days (June 2 - today) that he finally cut the cake. But now, we were more interested in eating the cake & ice-cream than celebrating his birthday. I burst into laughter (as I am doing now) whenever I think of how his bday celebration ended up in surprises to each other. Overall, the surprises were a result of mis-appropriate timed events...