June 07, 2004


'Freaky Friday' is the movie that I had seen y'day night. Its a very hilarious, entertaining, frolicsome (all mean the same) movie... I prefer watching such fun-oriented ones to heavy-story weighted ones. The story of this film tries to convey a message that every person can understand each other if one can put oneself in the place of the other person. The story goes like this... A mother & her daughter always failed to understand each other and ended up in repeated arguments. One day, some fortune cookie from China (a magical toy) made the mother to get into the body of her daughter and the daughter to get into her mother's body. Now, the actual fun starts ... and this lasts until they completely understand each other.

This reminds me about how I quarreled with my old friend during my under-grad college days... Not a day passed without a quarrel with her (all in the name of friendship)! Sounds odd... isn't it? Gone were those days when i lacked the emotional maturity. Now, things are going very cool between us... and do u know how & why? Its because we very rarely communicate with each other. Haa haa haaa~