June 18, 2004


GOOGLE is undoubtedly, the leader among the search engines. Now, its emerging as a leader in the email world too. The 1 GB free email space by Google has attracted many users to shift their email destinations to Google's GMAIL. Now,... all the COPY-CATS (Yahoo!, Rediffmail,...) are following the path led by Gmail. Yahoo! has upgraded the server space to 100MB, while Rediffmail is offering 1GB to each user.

It is definitely a pleasure to be a leader and lead the industry than to follow the leader and copy the trend. Well... now what is MSN & Hotmail waiting for? Its 2MB space is no where near its competators' offer. May be it is planning to offer something extra-ordinary than just email server space. But, I really doubt how long will this be carried on... 1 GB is a lot of memory! Hope these sites continue this free service, and do not change it to be a paid service once the web-traffic bombs their servers. Google has also made a mark in the Blogging world with its BLOGGER. Hmmm! Google stands as yet another example to prove that INNOVATION WORKS !