June 30, 2004


On last sunday (June 27, 2004), I had been to Imax theatre along with my friend Naveen to watch a 3D film titled "NASCAR". Its indeed a totally different experience watching a full-fledged 3D film in a screen of dimension 80ft X 60ft with a 6 channel digital sound system. The experience is nothing short of awesome.

The film is all about the history & present of NASCAR sport and is basically a documentary film. I could feel the experience of being a spectator of live car race, sense the need for speed, and smell the ambience in and around the race. Let me rephrase it... I got the feeling of being substituted in place of the camera and not merely watching a video that had been shot by a camera.

Naveen and I decided to enjoy every Sunday by exploring what America has in store for us. Lets see whatz coming up for next weekend. I guess its a South-Texas road tour ! By the way, You can visit my photo blog to view my pics that were clicked at IMAX theatre.