June 20, 2004


Well... I am stuck to my summer plans so far (all that I had said at the beggining of the summer semester). But, I forgot to consider any of the extra-curricular stuff into my summer plans. I was more focused on the Technical skills that I could acquire, but totally overlooked the opportunity to learn golf, practice swimming in the early morn, skate to distant places, play tennis ...etc. Anyways, I came to realize it while conversing with Rajesh anna. He had also adviced me to go and visit places in US, do something more different than others, and make the most of student-life in USA. I am just trying hard to find companions for short trips out of Dallas. I dont know why all my friends prefer to stick to their homes as if it might get robbed at any moment.

Today, I enquired about the golf course details and I am likely to join the course from the beginning of next month. In the morning, I skated to far away places that I have never skated before. To be more precise, I skated to the CS department building & JO lab from my appartment. It was very refreshing and am feeling good & energetic today. I would love to go swimming from next week onwards... Lets see how things go ~