June 20, 2004


Y'day... The clear morning sky slowly got smudged with the dark water clouds, thunders boomed, weather turned breezy, sunlight got dimmed ... and then, something strange happened. Do u know what? ? ? It RAINED (ha haa haa... i guess this is how suspence movies/books are screenplayed). I was just trying to immitate the same screenplay in my writing. I saw "Scary Movie 2" recently, and it is in this film that all these kinds of screenplays are exagerated & made fun of..

Well... Anyways, it really rained yesterday. I always wonder why thunders throb and lightning flashes whenever it rains (though I must have studied the science behind it in my school-days... but who remembers!) I found the answer in my G.K book and shall quote it below.

Warm, wet air surges upwards into the sky and cools dramatically forming thunderstorms. Some of the water inside the clouds freezes and strong air currents make the ice and water droplets bump together. This knocks tiny charged particles called electrons from the ice and so there is build-up of electical charge. This charge is released by a stroke of lightning. The lightning heats the air around it to an incredible 30,000 degree celcius. This heat causes the air to expand very fast (faster than the speed of sound). It is this which causes the crash of thunder. Often, we see lightning first and then hear the thunder bolts as light travels faster than sound.

Well... this is the story behind the scenes.