December 21, 2003


Suddenly, I started to ponder over what factors make an I.T company to get on top of the world. Infact, this could apply to any company... (I.T based or non I.T based). I listed out the following 9 factors for success... I could get this insight from various articles that I have read...

1. Play it positive... A recent survey of 300 CEOs found that corporate managers are showing a growing interest in boosting company revenue rather than just cutting costs.

2. Marketing- Bring together business process expertise and information technology expertise. Knowledge is power… Act smart to the market demands. Plan ahead and be first to get the market-information on your table. Act fast and on a timely fashion. To be at the right spot at the right time matters the most. With this regard, Bill Gates has been a very smart entrepreneur…

3. Focus on a wide scope of customers (BIG, MEDIUM, and SMALL). "The IT industry's not the same old industry we've been used to in the last 10 or 15 years...This is a customer-driven industry, not an IT-driven industry based on what the industry thinks is right" IBM's chief financial officer, John Joyce said.

4. Good Human-resource management. Effective Team organization & team efforts, Simple organizational structure, Fun filled environment and highly energetic & capable developers.

5. Time bounded service delivery. Punctual in its business operations such as product delivery dates, milestones, etc… Have a leeway for the process completion before setting the deadline.

6. Quality Product development. Quality of the product should be given the paramount importance. Don't settle for anything less. "A lot of time is saved if things are done right the first time" as said by the entrepreneur Steve Jobs.

7. Good Customer support. The management should always be accessible to the clients and its customers. This includes post-delivery product support.

8. Deliver Wholistic Products... Customers are increasingly seeking packaged solutions to specific business problems rather than making technology purchases in a piecemeal fashion.

9. Simplicity of usage (user-friendly and simple). The product should give minimum workload for its users and easy to understand interfaces. On observation, we will notice that Microsoft products deliver an exceptional user-friendly interface. This is why Microsoft stands out from the rest… and has successfully monopolized the O.S industry.