December 01, 2003


While being in solitude, a question just propped up in my mind... Am I SUFFICIENTLY pro-active ? ? ? Thanks to Rajesh anna for all the motivation he has given me... I know for sure that I have been pro-active to accomplish many of my goals. Doubtlessly, I am in the path of getting high on life.... But now, I am pondering over 1 question... Can I accomplish things at a faster rate? The answer from me to this question is YES YES YES. I feel like rebelling over the bounds that I have set for myself. Having purchased a laptop now, I am looking forward for a great progress at a faster rate for the times to come ~

A lot more could have been done during this Fall semester in addition to my academics, but I failed to hasten my progress... I could have mastered all flavors of JAVA, or I could have gained expertise in VC++ or C#.... I could have worked on a project on mobile applications out of self interest... But, I only concentrated hard on academics and the grades, and prioritized others later in the list... I actually had the intent to specialize other skills apart from academics, but time just passed away faster than I could realize. Anyway, I am happy to have realized the fact pretty soon. I have lot more time and opportunity to explore. Now my immediate target is to gain mastery in Flavors of JAVA by the end of Spring'04 semester. I am literally challenging myself to achieve it.~ The light courses that I have taken for Spring'04 semester will help me to accomplish this task with ease...

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