December 16, 2003

80/20 principle...

Today, I read an article abt the 80/20 principle in MSN, which said that 80% of the success is brought by the first 20% of the effort. This is a very true observation made by an Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto. This article triggers in me, yet another observation made by a famous entrepreneur -Steve Jobs. He said that a lot of energy is saved if you do things right the first time.

But, mind you.... The last 20% of your efforts is that which will distinguish you from the rest. Your accomplishment will stand out from others and goes beyond your predefined objectives only if the concluding 20% of your total efforts are put right. So, I could conclude that the initial 20% and final 20% is what matters the most. If these lie on the right path, the filling is always a smooth sailing... and accomplishment is sure to happen ~