December 10, 2003


For the first time in 4 months of my stay in Dallas, I visited the Dallas Downtown. I had nice fun travelling by "DART" transport, changing buses, boarding the metro trains and trying to discover routes by reading the map. I was accompanied by my friends Vijay and Govi all through my trip. Vijay was the one who travelled twice by DART earlier to this trip. So, he guided us in catching the right bus/train. Actually, the process of finding the right one is very simple. At any point of time, we can call the toll-free dart number for help, and they would guide us in planning our trip.

The Dallas Downtown is too good... (obviously). From here, we boarded a train and had our way to Plano Downtown... then we got into a bus to reach Collin Creek Mall. We killed our time there... and to give a final touch to our trip, we tried to visit the temple at South Irving... But we could not find it out. May be next time, I need to ask my seniors for the exact location of the temple before starting our trip from the univ. It was a great day at the end. On returning home, we tried to check out our grades from my univ server... but the server was shut down... It was a nice day at the end.