December 09, 2003


The delivery date of my laptop as mentioned in the DELL official website is December 8, 2003... but the delivery time was not mentioned. So, I had to sit at home waiting for my laptop in the morn. In the afternoon, I was accompaniedby my friend Vijay for lunch. Soon after we had our lunch, I slowly started getting impatient and restless to stay at home... Suddenly, I heard someone knocking my door firmly. I opened the door, and it was indeed the delivery guy. I was infact waiting for this "knock knock" since morning. I put my signature on an electronic tool and got my laptop delivered.

Vijay and I opened the parcel, got my laptop out and, we quickly connected it to the adapter. We then plugged it into the socket and switched it ON... The Windows XP home edition came up and we could start working on it straight away. The keyboard is damn good and it just requires a feather-touch to press a key... but I felt uncomfortable handling the touchpad (which was a replacement for the mouse). May be I'll get used to it very soon... ~ Later in the evening, I went shopping and on returning to the univ, I registered for a Wireless connection from my laptop to my campus server. Thanks to dad for letting me get such a wonderful laptop...