September 14, 2006

Stuff a Blog

A little while ago, I wanted to create a webapp using Ajax and mashup APIs... just to catch-up with the buzz. Having worked on it for more than a month, its now time to disclose it.

I introduce to you, 'STUFF A BLOG' - Enrich and extend your blog post.

Often, I felt the need to enrich my plain vanilla blog-post with relevant content available in the net. I created this webapp that can do exactly that. Just type in your keywords, select your content, and get the HTML in a snap.

In simple words, it makes it easy for a blogger to create content-rich blog posts. It works by using several mashup APIs to generate high quality content relevant to the keywords.

Here are a few things that we could do with my webapp...

  1. Yahoo Map Image - After a vacation, embed a Yahoo Map
  2. Flickr Pics - Decorate with Flickr Images of the vacation spot
  3. Yahoo News - Append the latest news related to the subject in hand
  4. Yahoo Answers - Support discussions with Yahoo answers (questions)
  5. Amazon Product Details - To help write a review of a recent purchase, include the pic & details of the product from Amazon
  6. Opinion Icons - Express our standpoint in the form of icons
  7. Site Search - Add a List of previous related blog posts, as a footnote to the current post
  8. Tags - Extract the tags / keywords automatically from the blog-post
All this is FREE! and No Login required...

Just drop by for a quick glance, or try-it out yourself.
View Samples - one two three

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