September 19, 2006

Mystic India

Y'day, I watched the movie 'Mystic India' in the nearby IMAX theatre. For the first time, I watched an Indian movie on an IMAX screen, and I just loved it. The IMAX quality is indeed the best, making me feel my presence in Ancient India.

The movie depicts the splendid journey of a 11 yr old kid (Neelkanth) who walked bare-foot across the length & breadth of India in search of TRUTH. It emphasizes the culture, unity, and beauty of India, and its people.

Here is an exerpt from Wikipedia:

Mystic India is a 2004 large format film (commonly known as IMAX format) about India's unique culture, diverse people, and moving traditions. Using the story of the 12,000 km barefoot journey throughout 18th century India undertaken by Hindu priest Swaminarayan (then known as Neelkanth) from the ages 11 to 18, Mystic India is a film dedicated to the universally inspiring message of unity in diversity. As Peter O'Toole states in the film "we walk the same earth, breath the same air...we are a single human family."

The movie is simply superb! and I cannot stop thinking about the determination Neelkanth had at a very young age. One of the enlightening scenes of the movie that caught my attention is when Neelkanth decides to climb the Himalayas, and says "It is FAITH that will show me the way".

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