September 17, 2006

The Logo Homepage

I came across the site 'The Logo Homepage', and was pleasantly surprised by how the creator of the website marketed his idea. Its a plain and simple idea... We pay him, and he puts our logo on his site's frontpage.

On reading its FAQ page, I learnt that its been created by a college student, who wants to make it BIG in life. He mentions that he was inspired by the UK million dollar student Alex Tew, and explains how he came up with this idea.

In spite of his reasoning, I still wonder why would anybody pay him to get their logo on his site. There are many other sites that will do it for free such as Web2logo, 'BuzzShout LogoSurf', ...etc. Anyways! whatever be the reason, I appreciate the kid for putting his idea into action, and making it work. Infact, I could find nearly 200 logos on his frontpage.

1 Comment:

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