September 18, 2006

Unique strategy to display Ads on websites

I borrowed the basic idea from 'The Logo Homepage' and tweaked it slightly to fit my purpose. The result is a unique Advertising scheme. I would stay in the lines of Zhen Sun, and call it "Logovertising"

LogoVertising is Logo + Advertising. Pay attention, please, it is a term coined by me, Zhen Sun! Honestly, it'd be so cool if the term goes popular and it is associated with me!.

I've put Logovertising into action in my webapp ('Stuff a Blog'). The Logos will be a part of the slideshow on my front-page, and will also be displayed in the 'Logo Surf' page. This way, my webapp can support many advertisers with a bare minimum pricing scheme. This infact preserves the good looks of my website, and does not annoy the users. Its a total win-win situation!

Check it out yourself... Here are some screenshots.


1 Comment:

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