June 22, 2006

Steve Jobs' Resume

Steve Jobs has been my favorite among the visionaries of the modern world. While I was having a quick read about him on wikipedia, I ran across his resume. It wud certainly be interesting if this resume gets forwarded to Microsoft (to fill in Bill's place) ;-)

Anyways, its very thoughtful of him to have his so-called resume online. Having read several articles about him, here are some of my observations:
  • His formal education had very little relevance to his career...
  • Seeker turned entrepreneur
  • Visited India in search of wisdom
  • Perfectionist, and expects perfection... making him tough to deal with.
  • his official pay of $1 per month as the current CEO of Apple, Inc.
  • always in his true colour
and most importantly, as his resume reads...
  • "Not afraid to start from the beginning"

What a great entrepreneur he is... co-founded Apple, and is the chairman of Pixar, and NeXT. Its amazing how he brought Apple back into game, just when people thought its decline is not far off. I really admire his dauntless attitude towards life, and his thirst to be the best.

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I totally support and appreciate him...

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the williamsburg nerd said...

"His formal education had very little relevance to his career..."

True, but he hired quite a few people along the way who had stellar educations. Also he grew up in the valley which wouldn't be the same without having Stanford around. Steve also always hung out with the very well educated.

I only point this out because I would always meet young kids wanting to be the next Bill gates or Steve Jobs who didn't think that school wasn't important - and all of whom couldn't be more mistaken.

In fact the one thing I like about Donald Trump is that he always states the importance of a good education in business...

Ebay Blog.net: Profitable eBay Niches for Making Money Selling Online said...

Looks good!
Jobs bio seems to be pretty intelligent and the pics are relevant.
Thanks! Will try Stuff a Blog for my eBay blog, it's really interesting for me.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is broke again. So, no education wins again.

flash said...

It’s great to see good information being shared....nice to know all about him ....