June 09, 2006

Zooomr - Created by a teenager

Can you imagine creating a web company at age 17... developing the application all alone from scratch, and releasing the product in 6 months straight. Thats exactly how Zooomr, Inc. was started (on a late October, 26th in 2005). I was astonished by the fact Kristopher Tate was just 17 when he decided to start-up a web2.0 photo sharing company all by himself (helped by few others). This site is also very different, and has numerous innovative features. Great work Kristopher!

Here is the team that is behind Zooomr:

Lead Developer: Kristopher Tate
General Council: Paul Bragiel
PR Council: Eoban Binder

Business Development
Interim CEO: Wendell Davis III

Lead of Technical Support: Michael Van Veen

Chinese Localization: Mike Taylor & Su Xiangying

I am infact greatly inspired by his accomplishment, and you will know what I am upto very soon...


Kristopher Tate said...

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to write about Zooomr.

I hope you get a chance to check-out Zooomr 2 coming up later this month.

Kristopher Tate
cto & founder -- bluebridge tech / zooomr

Anonymous said...

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