June 13, 2006

Read RSS with GreatNews

I was looking for a free desktop RSS Reader to manage my feeds, as I was unwilling to clutter my google desktop / homepage. After a little research on the web, I shortlisted 3 of them... Omea Reader, GreatNews, and RSS Bandit.

Among the online readers, I prefer Bloglines. The Google Reader is out of my list since I did not like the layout, and there are no advanced options to tweak its view. So the bottom line is that I prefer to have a desktop client, which can sync RSS feeds with Bloglines. Thats exactly what GreatNews does... It can sync up your feeds with your Bloglines account. It has an elegant interface, multitude of options, several views to choose from, and a rich feature-set (clean-up tool, browser,...).

I liked it so far. Here is a screenshot:

UPDATE: I ditched GreatNews & Bloglines in favor of the new enhanced Google Reader. Google rocks! Is there anything that Google cannot be the best?

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