June 25, 2006

Year 2020 News in 'Indian Express' paper

The following is a forwarded email... that I found funny.

IndianExpress Top 10 Headlines dated 1.1.2020

1. ' President' Sonia and 'Prime Minister’ Priyanka receive the italy Prime Minister at the airport.

2. SDMK ( Stalin DMK ) Leader Stalin Seeks Chief Minister Dayanidhi Maran's resignation.

3. This is My last film - Rajnikanth

4. "Maruthanayakam " - Shooting will be started soon - Kamal Hasan

5. I will enter the Indian Team soon - Ganguly

6. Indian Cricket Team hoping to win away Test Match after 1985 in England Tour on February – Indian Cricket Captain

7. Vijay is still hearing many stories for his next movie after his debacle in 'Adhi'

8. Cauvery Issue will be settled soon – Prime Minister of India 'Priyanka'

9. Aishwarya Rai marriage is on coming July with Abishek Bachan Son 'Mubishek'

10. India – Pakistan PMs meeting Scheduled on Jan 25th to settle the Kashmir Issue

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