March 13, 2006

Blood Donation

Today, I donated my blood for the first time in US (guess first time in life too) at
place: Intervoice premises
time : 3:30 pm

Here is some info that I found abt blood donation...

Did you know that every donation of blood can help save more than one life because it can be processed into its components: red cells, plasma, platelets and cryoprecipitate. Through one donation, you can help save as many as four lives.
Have you ever wanted to know what happens to your donation after collection? Well, when the phlebotomist collects your unit of blood, samples of your blood are also collected in test tubes. Your blood is sent to the lab for processing, while your test tubes are sent to the testing facility. All donated blood will undergo this testing regardless of how many times the donor has donated. While testing is being completed, the donated blood unit is separated into components using a method called centrifugation (spinning.) The platelets and plasma components are then placed into separate bags, with the red cells remaining in the original bag.

After the blood is tested, typed and processed, it is labeled by blood group and the day of donation. It is then stored for distribution to hospitals. It is stored until an order is received from a hospital for a specific product and blood type. Whole blood can be transfused for 21 days after the donation. Red cells can remain refrigerated for 42 days. Platelets are stored separately and must be used within five days of the donation. Plasma is often frozen for later use.


delphine said...

Fascinating Karthick!. you definitely have enlightened someone's life by giving your blood. The more you donate, more fresh blood cells will be generated and you are rejeuvanated, Good job.

Seshu Karthick Tanveer said...

Thanks Delphine... Thats really encouraging.

solopower said...

Hello Karthick, Thanks for thr good information. In India people are so frightened to donate blood. so inspiring.

Masilamanis said...

there so many people who die of road traffic accidents. only if people have a heart to donate blood, how nice it would be.

Anonymous said...

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