March 23, 2006

What it means to be a Vegetarian

I being a vegetarian throught out my life, here are my thoughts and findings.

Vegetarian form of diet can be a healthy way of eating for all age-groups. Check out this article that describes in detail about various benefits of being a vegetarian. Yes yes... Its very benefitial not only for oneself, but also for the world, and the animals. God created man as a herbivorous animal, but man converted to be omnivorous in due course. A scientific study of human digestive system, teeth structure, ... proves that humans are intended to be vegetarians by default. Check out this article that displays some results of the study.

Its highly disturbing when people do not mind eating even the holy cow(beef).

Please show some pity for those nice, harmless herbivorous animals that serve the carnivorous nature of man. Its time for man to be more rationale in choosing his life-style, and start living a vegetarian life.

Some Vegetarian links to get you started are here...
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delphine said...

thank you Karthick. It is amazing to know that you still manage to be a vegetarian in a country where 99.9% people are non vegeeeeeees.

seabird said...

i will tell you this-i was raised to eat meat (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc...) we raised chickens on our very small farm in the country in upstate new york. i did not know any better. i thought this was o.k. after all-that's how i was brought up. i had no other knowledge.

as i grew older, i started to think more about what i ate. what i put in my body (the temple). i also love the animals of this world. domestic and wild. i wish all the animals were free to live their lives in peace and happiness, alas-i don't think it will ever be so.

slowly i ate less and less meat. i stopped the pork first. i read up on pork. then i dropped beef. i never liked chicken, even as a young child ( i was there when some were killed-terrible to see. though my father tried to be very humane to them with very sharp and swift actions, so they would not suffer)

i do eat fish and i try very, very hard not to eat lamb. i like the taste of lamb too much it seems. that is my downfall. i wish i could stop eating the lamb. i really enjoy eating the vegetarian way so much more. i agree with you it is such an improvement in health, and i also feel for the mind/soul.

i read an interesting article-it's what really started me thinking about becoming a vegetarian. the article was about children who had had a near death experience. one child after regaining his health told his family and his doctor that he had gone to "heaven" and God had spoken to him. he stated; "God does'nt like the fact that "we" eat animals." that statement had nothing to do with what the parents, and doctor questioned him about that day , but that is what came out of the childs mouth. it went on to state in the article that the parents eat meat, and never discussed this way of eating with the child oneway or the other. i found that statement from the child very, very compelling. i thought upon this child's statement for a good while. i finally came to believe what the child said to be true in many ways.

to this day-when i am weak in my nature and eat meat, i do feel very guilty and wish i did not.

i can only pray as i go along in life for stronger willpower and knowledge. i truly wish i had been taught as a young child not to eat animal flesh, and to understand the reasons why. i will tell you, i do pray and do give thanks to God for the life of the animal whos life was sacrificed for me. i wish i was a more humane and wiser human. peacez

Seshu Karthick Tanveer said...

Hey Seabird, its good efforts from you to become a vegetarian... and your awareness certainly counts. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

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