September 29, 2007

Wana build a revolutionary web product?

This is a good start for developers who dream to revolutionize the web! However, to build a Next-Gen web application, it takes more than just brainstorming. Extend this list with your comments...

Mix n' Match
There are some killer combinations yet to be explored. For instance, how about "Blog + Social Network + Wiki". I'm sure several such combinations can be introduced by trying to mix 'n match the existing web.

Induce intelligence
Self learning & pattern-matching algorithms can be used to develop decision-capable applications. Such software can literally change the way we depend on computers for our daily lives. Imagine an application in which we can record our concrete experience & drop a line on what we learned each day. The application remembers the lessons learned and shall advice us in similar situations on demand.

Provide a solution to unify data & processes from several sources. Think of how MS Outlook provided a unified approach for communication at work. Get hold of a concept that is available in numerous forms... try to group them, aggregate them, and unify them! Recently, Plaxo aims to do just that with address book. What more? I can quickly think of Social networks which keeps growing in number and are hard to manage.

Extending what Web2.0 taught us, we should bring forward the concept of collective intelligence into several other online activities. Google has already shown us the way for collaboration in its Calendar, Spreadsheets & Docs applications. How about a collaboration to compose an email, or to make a decision. I remember reading about a Microsoft's research project that collects a set of location-based images taken by several individuals, and creates a wholesome image of that location. Great effort!


Our blogs live in their own worlds isolated from one another. How about a way to connect the web, and enhance the content we publish with additional links and pics. Imagine a web that relates our experience with other people's experience via semantic meta data.

Meta-Data will be the KEY for a Next-Gen Web company. Semantic-Web is the only technology contender so far to create a revolutionary web experience. If you are not impressed, you do the research on what you believe can enhance today's web. Of course, research is not everybody's cup of tea. But, its a sweet avenue to explore by PHD geeks and research addicts.

Ubiquitous Computing
Several electronics now include micro-chips and software to communicate with the web, create information-flow, and provide a utility value. PDAs, MP3 players, Cell-phones, GPS devices, and many more such products in the market provide computing outside the PC. Future software should cater to the needs of such products, communicate with Software-Agents, and instruct micro-robots.


Anonymous said...

agree with ur ideas

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