September 07, 2007

Meta Blogging - Purely Boring

Meta Blogging - Purely boring! There are several blogs on the web that talk about blogging itself. They ramble about what to blog, how to make blog-revenue, and good practices of blogging. As a beginner, I find a handful of posts useful... But later on, they make me feel sick. Probably a few articles on this topic would be good enough. An entire blog about meta-blogging might be an overkill. Anyway, that's my stand on it!

Some of the meta-bloggers I (occasionally) read are ProBlogger, and Performancing. These are truly good and useful. Some good links here...

  1. 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get RSS Readers Visiting Your Blog
  2. 10 Techniques I Used To Go From 0 To 12,000 RSS Subscribers In Seven Months
  3. Blog Revenue Options
  4. How to write great blog content
  5. How to find readers for your blog
  6. SEO for Bloggers
  7. More Blog tips from Darren

If you are an amateur blogger, you must have written about your blogging experience, how you started it, what you have learnt from blogging, etc... All such stuff is also referred to as meta-blogging. I usually consider them as topic fillers. Topic fillers are the ones that we write about when we cannot find any other topic to blog. I know what you're thinking, and you are right! This post also falls into that category.


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