September 02, 2007

What kind is your Blog?

Lets now look at the various ways to classify a blog...

Ref: CorporateBlogging.Info

Ref: ICE

Closedblog Bloginfoconduit Blogparticipation
Closed Blogs
such as Baby blogs
Blogs as Conduit of Information Blog as Participant in "The Conversation"
Connectors of ideas and people.

Ref: CyberSoc

Here is what my blog is... It is a personal blog that resembles the last 3 mentioned types. In my blog, you will find a great variety of topics blended with my standpoint. So, what is the theme of my BLOG?

My Blog Theme: "Attitude, Technology and Reality"

Wow! I never thought my blog will ever have a theme. This is something I came up with as I'm writing this post. Some other day, I will write a detailed post on my theme after I invest more thought on it.

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